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Sterling Silver Squared ring with square shape Ruby on top of 14k gold detail


Silver colored Jagged Edge Ring with golden details

Flying Solo Jagged Edge Ring

Spaceship shaped ring in silver


Reticulation Stephanie silver and gold necklace with spiral detail in center

Reticulation Stephanie

Reticulation Amethyst Rayon necklace with amethyst gemstone and spiral detail with gold details around pendand. Silver double chain for elegance.

Reticulation Amethyst Rayon

Flying solo spiral necklace with single chain. Spiral detail in center of pendant.
Reticulation necklace. Double silver chain. Rectangle shaped pendant with spiral detail and gold accents.

Flying Solo Spiral

Horizonal bar with garnet. Single gold chain.

Reticulation Hoo A Me Ka Ray

Vertigo necklace. Single silver chain. Vertical pendant with light green gemstone.

Horizontal Bar with Garnet

Dot My Eyes necklace with single gold chain. Vertical gold and silver pendant


Reticulation tuxedo necklace with single silver chain. Vertical rectangle shaped pendant simulating a tuxedo

Dot my Eyes

Aquamarine single chain necklace. Aquamarine gemstone detail on pendant with gold details


Reticulation Tuxedo

Diamond Bib necklace with silver single chain. Pendant with small diamond details

Diamond Bib

Couds Floating Chain necklace. Silver with small gold accents

Clouds Floating Chain

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